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Feng Shui Eyes

Lynne D. Greene, Founder

Feng Shui Eyes is a licensed and certified Feng Shui business that serves Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland.  Feng Shui Eyes is experienced in working with residential customers, small home-based businesses, medium to large size businesses, government agencies, retail stores, healthcare facilities, non-profit agencies, and landscape planning. Lynne D. Greene, Feng Shui Eyes, is available for consultations, speaking engagements, workshops and seminars. 

Upon moving into a brand new condominium in Northern Virginia, I contacted Lynne for assistance in creating my new home. I wanted it to be peaceful, comfortable, and stylish. Lynne met with me and got to know me and what I envisioned. I was concerned that someone in her capacity would essentially do what they thought best. This was not the case with Lynne. Throughout the entire process she provided me with options she felt would be appropriate, but she let me choose what I liked best. As a result, I live in a very balanced and happy home.

Nearly all of my guests have commented on what a comfortable and warm place I have. It is truly my sanctuary. Being single when I moved to the area, I was searching for Mrs. Right. Amazingly enough, near the end of Lynne's period of consulting I began a relationship that has now turned into an engagement. I could not be happier. Without question, when my family grows to the point that we need to move, I will reach out for Lynne once again. This time I'll even incorporate her into the decision of which property to purchase. At the very least you should meet with her. Once you do, your life will change for the better."
-Jason K., Arlington

When I opened my new massage therapy center, my goals were to have a tranquil environment and to be successful. Lynne visited several potential locations for my new center and recommended one because of the best opportunity for success based on Feng Shui principles. She gave me simple suggestions for color, furniture, and decorations. She visited on multiple occasions and offered suggestions for optimum placement to ensure that I met my goals. I followed all of Lynne’s suggestions and my rebooking rate has increased threefold over my previous practice location. I had so much business that I hired part-time therapist four months after opening and now I am looking at hiring yet another therapist.
-Vicky Hux, McLean Massage Therapy, McLean, VA

Thank you Lynne, for you most informative presentation. You are right, there is a lot to cover even in an overview. I have taken many classes on feng shui and have read a number of books on the subject. You put it in very understandable terms and applied it to a realtor's use, especially in this challenging market. Thank you again for coming.
-Debbie L., Long and Foster Realtors

Everyone is searching for ways to bring more balance, peace and harmony into their lives.  Lynne D. Greene and her business, Feng Shui Eyes, can help you.  Contact us today for a consultation or to schedule a presentation for your business.


              Creating Balance, Harmony & Prosperity in Your Environment